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Listening to Government Ministers and Post Office Limited top management, they would have you believe that everything in Post Office Land is wonderful - 6500 0ffices converted, millions of extra opening hours etc etc

Of the total "Temporarily Closed" branches, over 400+ have been closed more than 18 months, so there is little real prospect of them ever reopening.


The latest bit of "good news" is that, from 2018, POL will be reducing our pay still further, by an average of 3%.

And the reason for this reduction (on top of even more reductions at a time of inflation and NMW INCREASES) - we are getting new PRINTERS, replacing the 12 year old ones we currently use..

You couldn't make it up!!

For the latest High Court Trial news , click on the link below

To err is human; if any of the PO's shown have moved or re-opened, we will gladly remove them from the map. Just email details to
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