The entire Post Office business relies on Horizon, a 20 year old, Windows NT based computer system that is now so old that the software can no longer be trusted and the hardware is virtually unsupportable.

Despite it's age, and SPMR's continually reporting problems, errors and oddities, Post Office Limited continue to claim  it is error free and perfectly functional.

A number of SPMR's have been prosecuted by POL for false accounting, based solely on discrepancies claimed by Horizon. Many have been bankrupted and a number of SPMR's have been JAILED, even though POL have never been able to prove a cash shortfall, merely a system shortfall.

Following pressure from Government, POL commissioned independent auditors Second Sight to review Horizon.

When it looked likely that Second Sight were not going to give Horizon the clean bill of health POL were looking for, POL pulled the plug and shut down the audit.

You have to ask; what exactly are they trying to hide?

Affected SPMR's expect to launch legal action against POL shortly, and the strength of their case can be judged by the fact that the solicitors involved  are working on a contingency basis


The Court Case has now started, and the SPMRs affected have been given permission to launch a class action suit. Having claimed Horizon was only accessible by each SPMR, on the first day, Post Office Limited admitted that Horizon could be remotely accessed and/or changed by up to 4 different external bodies, which we believe fatally undermines their case.

Government SHOULD immediately instruct POL to settle to avoid wasting even more public money. This won't of course happen, and this case will probably stumble on for a number of years till POL finally admit defeat.

Horizon Computer System - the Elephant in the Room

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